Jewish Sheitel Virgin Hair Wigs

There is many types of wigs available for those seeking to alter their hair or appearance. In general wigs are made from natural hair or from synthetic fibers. Some people prefer wigs made from natural hair and one of the top natural hair wigs on the market are called Jewish Sheitel Virgin hair wigs.

Jewish Sheitel hair wigs are 100% kosher and made from natural Russian, Mongolian or Brazilian hair. They are available in many styles and colors.

Who can wear the Sheitel Virgin wigs?

The majority of Sheitel Virgin wigs are worn by married Jewish women primarily because of religious reasons. However, aside from religious reasons, Jewish Sheitel Virgin hair wigs can also be worn by any women experiencing hair loss due to cancer or alopecia.

Over the years, the technique of developing Sheitel Virgin wigs has become very refined and they look every bit as natural as one's original hair. In addition, they are just as functional and durable as any other wig on the market. Some of the advantages of the Shietel Virgin hair wigs include the following:

1. Natural looking, 2. Durable, 3. Easy to style with heat, 4. Easy to maintain, 5. Can be customized to alter the color and style, 6. No shine.

Jewish Sheitel Virgin hair wigs are developed under strict kosher guidelines and contain no Indian or Chinese hairs. Furthermore the hair is set such that it can be styled easily.

In addition, they tend to be slightly more expensive than other natural hair wigs, but this is primarily due to how the hair is sourced and the strict kosher guidelines.

Due to the variations in quality, it is important to buy the Jewish Sheitel Virgin wigs from a professional wig boutique, like Kapenzo™ Hair. The cost of a Sheitel virgin wig can range from $1,200 - $3,500 depending on the length of hair and your preferences.

Contact Kapenzo™ Hair for a free consultation on a custom Sheitel virgin wig. They are the premier boutique for a variety of stock and custom quality wigs and hairpieces. Call 1-416-619-7846, 1-888-875-9899 or email them at or contact The Lace Wigs Store at

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