"When I purchased my first full lace wig from The Lace Wigs Store, I did not know anything about how to apply the hair or how to maintain it. Thanks to the personal assistance from one of their consultants, everything went smoothly and the first application was a success. I was very surprised about the high quality of the hair, and the lace cap is very sturdy. When I wanted to reapply the wig the second time, they were kind enough to take the time out to guide me through all the steps of cleaning the cap, washing the hair and revitalizing it with the amazing silicone serum. I recommend this company to anyone new at purchasing lace wigs. I already ordered my second wig."

Funke – Toronto ON

"I purchased my first lace wig. It took me 2 weeks to go through with it. I think I spoke to 10 different distributors, including A&A Personal Consulting Inc. However, I found them the most helpful. Everyone else seems too concerned with making the sale and some even asked me to secure it just in case I return. The consultant I spoke to at A&A, was so nice and calm. She wasn’t focused on my pockets but more on making sure I make an educated purchase. In the end, I purchased from them. The main reason why was because I knew I could contact the same consultant I spoke to if I needed any help whatsoever, which I did. I would definitely recommend this company. They aren’t out to make a quick buck."

Faustina – Toronto ON

"I’ve been using different products on my hair and due to that, I loss a significant amount of hair. A friend of mine told me to try using a wig and allow my hair to grow back. I personally do not like the way a wig looks on people but I’ve done some research on the lace wigs and concluded that it’s my best option to grow back my hair. Many of the websites seem to only advertise their products and place these questions and answer pages but once you contact them, they have little to no knowledge of their products. After speaking with someone from A&A Personal Consulting Inc. I knew I was going to purchase from them. The lady spent at least an hour on the phone with me, explaining everything from the size, to the lace and to how I should and should not apply it. I contact them at least once a month to get audio assistance on reapplying the wig and I only purchase my wigs from them. I would definitely recommend A&A Personal Consulting Inc."

Sandra – Toronto ON

"My husband bought a lace wig for me for Christmas. He didn’t go with A&AInc. because he would have had to make a custom order and like always he waited for the last minute. Anyways, after the purchase I contacted them to purchase their silicon product for the maintenance of the hair. I wasn’t sure if they would answer any of my questions about the hair, because I didn’t purchase it from them but I asked anyway. I began with one and ended up with 20 different questions about applying it, washing it, combing it and maintaining it. She also provided me with advice that I didn’t ask for, which proved to me that this was a legitimate company. I did purchase the silicone product and it works miracles, and I’ve made my first order with them. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone seeking to purchase lace wigs."

Brooke – Toronto ON


"The piece and quality of the hair is exceptional! Thank you so much! Your customer service has been excellent!"

Karen – Guelph ON


" I love my hair! Excellent customer service!"

Vanessa – Ajax ON


"Your customer service has been excellent! I love my custom order. I look forward to my next order."

Sunny – Alberta ON

"Ive received my order, and I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE IT! I will be placing another order real soon."

Claudia – Hawthorne, California

"Thank you so much! The wig looks amazing and I appreciate all your patience and understanding!"

Lois – Oakwood, Ontario

"I've received the package. It's beautiful. Thank you for your assistance."

Melissa - Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you for all your help and patience! I really appreciate it!

Amaka - Norway

The hair looks so beautiful! Thank you so much, you've been so helpful and understanding. God Bless you!

Eve - Kenya

The hair is beautiful! I can't wait to apply it!Thank you!

Jumoke- Chicago, IL

Hello, Today my hair system arrived. If you only knew the pure delight I had in seeing such a beautiful product. I wanted to cry because without seeing me, you made it perfect and it matches what is left of my natural hair. With all my heart I thank you. You were also very helpful in my decisions. Because my medical condition is leaving me permanently without hair, I will order many more systems. I love my beautiful hair. Bless you all.

Joan- North Port, Florida

Hi Abi, Received the unit and it is absolutely beautiful thank you. I have already fitted it and wearing it. I am just trying to get used to application.

Saretta - johannesburg, Zimbabwae

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When I purchased my first full lace wig from The Lace Wigs Store, I did not know anything about how to apply the hair ...

I’ve been using different products on my hair and due to that, I loss a significant amount of hair. A friend of mine told me to try using a wig and allow my hair...