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How To Become A Lace Wig Affiliate

    Lace wig companies are great followers of supply and demand. Not only do they create the supply, but the directly influence the demand as well. Lace wig companies have taken their marketing to the web by sending everyday average women lace wigs to wear and create videos about on sites such as youtube and facebook. Through popular videos, many of these companies gain new customers solely based on the recommendations of these affiliates. If you love fashion, beauty, making new friends and most of all the idea of free lace wigs, becoming a lace wig affiliate is the job for you.

    Look the Part
    You cannot hope to become a lace wig affiliate if you do not look the part. Videos about fashion, jewelry, makeup tutorials and hairstyling are just some of the videos that many lace wig affiliates have. If you hate wearing makeup and actively do not wear it in videos, a lace wig company will be less than likely to choose you as an affiliate.
    The key is to look fabulous and have a great personality. Would you buy a lace wig from someone who refuses to do their own hair and is rude? If the answer is no, then you should understand perfectly why you will need to look and act the part.

    Go Directly to the source
    Instead of just sitting around hoping to get noticed or contacted by a lace wig company or beauty supply site directly, go straight to the source. Sending a company a thoughtful email about how much you love their products and would like to become an affiliate is a great idea. Hopefully, you already have a video page created where you can link to within the email.
    Make sure to also mention the importance of marketing and having a constant customer testimonial on the web. Targeting smaller, new companies such as Nix and Nox would work better for this personal touch in comparison to Beverly Johnson lace wigs.

    Prepare Yourself
    If you would like to become a lace wig affiliate, do not assume you can do this overnight. You will need to have a solid fan base, tutorials with lace wigs that you have already purchased, and consistent feedback with viewers. This is what an affiliate program for lace wigs wants to see their products go towards.
    If you send them a link to an empty page with no viewers, comments and only 2 videos you will quickly be ignored. You must also be prepared to invest in some lace wigs of your own before getting free ones. You must show your skills of applying, removing, styling and critiquing lace wigs before you will be trusted by a lace wig company before they allow you to judge their products.

    Get Creative!

    There are two different types of programs:

    The first is for individuals seeking to earn extra income per month by advertising the brand through families and friends. The sale acquisition commission is 3% and payments are made once a week. 

    The second is for professional affiliates that would advertise the brand at a larger scale such as via YouTube, blogs and social marketing sites.

    The commission is based the quantity of sales made per month and the payments are made once a week.

    2 sale leads per week and/or month - 6% from the price of the full lace wig  
    4 sale leads per week and/or month - 9% from the price of the full lace wig  
    6 sale leads per week and/or month - 12% from the price of the full lace wig 

     Once you've surpassed the first 2 sale mark, you'll be making a 9% commission of any additional sale up to the 4 sale leads per week and/or month mark. This is the same structure from 4 sales to 6 sales. 


    You will not be provided with a reduced priced or free lace wig until you have proven your skills and advertising ability to generate sales. Once you have generated 2 sale leads (resulted in successfully sales of a full lace wig or lace front wig), we will then offer you a discounted rate for the purchase of our units and begin to reconsider and restructure the commission based system and pricing to encourage your success. Please note that successful affiliates generating more than 5 lead sales consistently per month will receive complimentary promotional offers and products. 

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