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Are Men Allowed To Wear Full Lace Wigs?

It’s becoming a common trend to see men wearing full lace wigs. Similar to women, some men may consider the option to provide temporarily relief from mild to severe hair loss. Due to the craftsmanship of the wig to appear undetectable to the naked eye, it’s not a surprise that it’s an appealing alternative for different individuals, races and cultures.

Men generally prefer the use of adhesives to apply their hair unit, to prevent embarrassing situations.  However, clips are becoming the norm for individuals with mild hair loss that prefer a hairpiece that can be removed on a daily basis.  

Similar to some women, there are some men out there that would rather purchase a lace wig at a very low cost, and end up choosing a synthetic unit. However after wearing the unit in public, many have found that a synthetic full lace wig is easily detectable due to the low hair quality and triggers odd stares and comments amongst their peers. Many will admit after such an experience that the cost factor is no longer one of their concerns when it comes to their appearance and self esteem. 

In addition, many transvestites and homosexuals have opened their horizons about full lace wigs. However, due to stereotypical views, some distributors/vendors make it difficult for them to communicate their needs and wants with the product. The Lace Wigs Store and Kapenzo Hair provide discrete services for all men and women including transvestites. Our services range from in stock wigs that can be altered to fit each individual style, custom made wigs for specific requirements and application services.

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