Buying a Full Lace Wig

Tips on Buying Full Lace Wigs


When you decide to buy a full lace wig the first thing you would contemplate on, is the hair type, such as Indian Remy, which is the most common type of hair. However in addition to Indian Remy hair, there are many different types of virgin hairs available to-date such as Indian Virgin which is the most popular, Chinese virgin hair has become increasingly popular due to its strength, texture and ability to take color easily. European and Malaysian virgin are both very soft and silky however European hair tends to be light in density and volume; whereby Malaysian hair posses the right amount of density and volume. Brazilian virgin hair is quite similar to Chinese hair with the strength in cuticles and texture but it’s not as coarse. Russian virgin hair is comparable to European hair.


The next trait one would consider when contemplating on purchasing a full lace wig is the hair length. The hair length is a very important aspect because it frames your face and alters your appearance in the public eye. For example, a short hair length may tell people that you’re very serious about who you are and what you do. Depending on the hair cut it can also state that you are a simple and sophisticated individual or that you’re edgy and radical. A long hair cut can shout sexy, adventurous and glamorous. The media influences consumers to believe that long hair is the real beauty. Most would even find that long blonde or black hair is the ideal beauty. Now obviously that depends on your culture and perspective in life and how you view beauty in a woman or in yourself.


The next trait one would consider when buying a full lace wig would be the hair color. The hair color speaks volume to your overall appearance. Most people choose their hair color based on their skin tone. The idea is to brighten your skin tone and facial features your face stands out regardless of your attire. In addition, your hair color can also complement your attire and make up application. The hair color of your hair really does speak volumes with regards to your make up, skin tone, attire and overall goal in how you want to appear for a special occasion or on a daily basis.


The last trait one would consider when buying a full lace wig is of course the hair texture. The hair texture chosen depends on your facial structure and body figure. For example, straight long hair can make you appear slimmer. Curly hair can give the appearance of volume within the face and body. Straight hair also tends to be the most easiest to maintain, whereby curly hair requires a bit more patience and time.

Whatever step you take and whichever trait you place as most important when buying your hair system, ensure you’re doing so for your own personal interest and improvement and not for the approval of others.

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