Kapenzo™ Bio Synthetic Hair

Kapenzo™ Bio Heat Resistant Organic Synthetic Hair

When people lose hair, it is an agonizing experience. Thankfully today, there are some great options to cover the scalp. However, the one common question that is always asked is, should one buy a wig made of synthetic hair or natural hair?”

There was a time when wigs made of natural hair were preferred by most people. However, innovations in technology over the past 20 years have led to major advances in the synthetic hair industry such that many synthetic wigs are on par or even better than natural hair wigs. Amongst synthetic hairpieces there are good and poor quality hair fibers. One of the top recognized line synthetic hair wigs is the Kapenzo™ Bio Heat Resistant Organic Synthetic Hair. Here are some of the reasons why Kapenzo™ Bio Heat Resistant Organic Synthetic Hair is supersedes the rest.


There is no question that looking after the Kapenzo™ Bio synthetic hair piece is a lot easier than natural hair. All you have to do is wash in tepid water, air dry, shake it, and place it on your scalp. You can wash the hairpiece every day without ruining its aesthetics or functionality.

It Hold's It Style:

With a Kapenzo™ Bio wig, the style will hold in all types of weather. For example, if it is windy, humid or rainy, the style of the wig will be retained.

Option To Customize:

The other major advantage of Kapenzo™ Bio synthetic lace wig is that it is available in many styles, colors and length. If you want, you can even curl this synthetic wig using a low heat appliance and straighten with high heat.

Moisture Wicking:

The majority of Kapenzo™ Bio synthetic wigs are made in such a way that they are able to aerate. This means you will never develop the stale smell that is often a problem with natural hair.


The latest Kapenzo™ Bio synthetic hairpieces are durable and heat resistant. They will last a long time with minimum maintenance.

Sports Resistant:

One key advantage of a Kapenzo™ Bio synthetic hairpiece is that you can swim with it without destroying the hair. Afterwards, it can air dry or you can blow dry it without worrying about it frizzing or damaging the hair or style

Aesthetically Appealing:

Over the years, Kapenzo™ has used state of art techniques to manufacture their wigs. Unlike the regular synthetic wigs, Kapenzo™ Bio wigs look natural without the shine. In addition, when applied well, it blends seamlessly to give you that natural, undetectable appearance.

The other bonus about Kapenzo™ Bio hair wigs is the texture; when you run your hands through the hairpiece, it feels similar to human hair and is affordable in comparison to virgin hair.

Today people have many choices when purchasing a hair system or wig. Once upon a time, human hairpieces were considered to be the best and only option that provides versatility and a natural appearance; this is no longer true today. The latest generation of Kapenzo™ Bio Heat Resistant Organic Synthetic Hair can rival most human hairpieces in aesthetics and functionality and the biggest advantage is that they significantly cost less. Contact a Kapenzo™ Wig consultant at 1-416-619-7846 or email them at info@kapenzohair.com or The Lace Wigs Store at info@TheLaceWigSStore.com

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