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Custom Orders

A custom order is a request to obtain a lace wig that is manufactured to your specifications. All of our custom order lace wigs are manufactured on Swiss lace, unless told otherwise. Custom orders can be developed, shipped, and received in as soon as 3 weeks!

We offer many types of custom development process including rush development. The main type is our general which can take any where from 4-5 weeks. This type is for the average individual seeking a custom hair system and lace wig at an affordable price.

In House Custom Order Request

Our second type is what is called in house custom development. Developing a unit in house has more pros and cons. One pro being that during the process we remit the sample hair and cap construction to you to review and approve of prior to development. It also means that during the course of development you are not only involved but you have options for revisions, something that a key aspect for most and only exclusive to the in house development process. The main con with the choice is the development time-frame which can take any where from two to four months to complete. A time factor that ensures you are receiving more than expected; your ideal unit. This option is best suited for the individual that is willing to spend a bit more for a custom system that is tailored to perfection or as close as possible.

The following price list is for a traditional 4-5 week development full lace Indian Remy wig with a straight texture in black or brown colors, at a medium density and cap size:

8 inches = $301 USD
10 inches = $325 USD
12 inches = $340 USD
14 inches = $355 USD
16 inches = $370 USD
18 inches = $385 USD
20 inches = $410 USD
22 inches = $440 USD
24 inches = $510 USD
26 inches = $590 USD

The following additions are subjected to fees:

  • Chinese Remy OR Virgin hair
  • European, Russian, Malaysian, Brazilian, Russian or Mongolian virgin hair and many others
  • Yaki, wavy or curly, etc
  • Silk base/hidden knots, or mono top, etc
  • Small to extra large wig size
  • Additional density from 120%-190%
  • Mixed, light hair color, dark roots and three tone colors
  • Highlights
  • Thin skin or silicone base perimeter

Please contact us for further inquiries pertaining to traditional custom order or our in house custom order. You can also view an estimate on a custom order (traditional or in house) through our custom order form: Tel: 416-619-7846, Toll Free: 1-888-875-9899,
Email: info@thelacewigsstore.com.

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