Aesthetically inspired wigs for alopecia and cancer patients

Alopecia is a medical term used to describe baldness or in simple words, hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss; some are temporary (eg illness, use of cancer drugs) and others are permanent (like male or women pattern baldness). Hair loss is unpredictable and in some cases the hair loss is rapid and in others it may be a gradual process or all the hair may fall off (alopecia areata totalis).

Losing your hair:

Losing hair is a difficult experience for both men and women. It is not only cosmetically unpleasing but often reflects premature aging. When men and women suffer from hair loss, one of the first things they do is to retreat to their healthcare provider to receive traditional medication. The rest of the time, people with hair loss retreat to the World Wide Web, and search for a magical solution but in most cases, they end up purchasing a product that they cannot use or they experience uncomfortable side effects. The thousands of lotions, potion, cream, ointments, pills and suppositories sold online cannot guarantee results but in many instances it may induce feelings of defeat on top of all the emotions circling due to their circumstance.

The journey of searching for a wig:

At some point in their journey, people with alopecia will consider a hair piece or a wig. However with rumors and myths about the appearance of wigs, many are apprehensive of the concept of wearing one. However in this day and age, wigs are more in fashion than hat accessories. An authentic hair system for alopecia or cancer patients appears natural when worn and styled. They are generally light-weight and feel smooth and comfortable.

Factoring the cost for a hair system:

While a hair system may initially seem expensive based on what you may be accustom to spending, in the long run it is worth the investment to improve or enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. When considering a wig for alopecia or a wig for cancer patients, the first decision you to make is whether you want human or synthetic wig. Human hair wigs are natural looking, easy to style and can be worn for about 12 months or more. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and stay in place, they are cheaper than human hair and the color doesn’t fade. They have a much shorter life span than human hair wigs or hair systems.

Times have changed:

In recent years, full lace wigs have become very popular. They are also known as alopecia lace wigs or cancer lace wigs and can be worn daily to provide a natural appearance.

The cost of wigs varies based on the brand and specifications. Kapenzo™ hair systems and lace wigs are affordable and available as a stock piece, special request or custom hair system. In addition, the company works closely with insurance companies and medical practitioners to help their clients receive the best product for your needs, wants and budget. Contact a Kapenzo™ Wig consultant at 1-416-619-7846 or email them at or The Lace Wigs Store at

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