Introducing Lace Wig Training Classes

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Introducing Lace Wig Training Classes

Postby lacewigteamadmin » Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:56 pm

Kapenzo™ Hair has been applying lace wigs for almost a decade and till this day; we enjoy seeing the overall picture manifest before our eyes. We mainly enjoy the gratitude when we receive when my customers are happy with the results.

In the past we have trained several professionals on how to apply a lace wig, some understand and grasp the theory and concept quickly and others took more time to really understand it all.

We would like to re-engage in teaching more people on how to professionally apply lace wigs.

There are approximately 7 different techniques that we have mastered with applying a lace wig. Out of those seven, we generally teach 2 different techniques which is the traditional glue on and the integrated technique of gluing and sewing your lace wig on.

The first technique of gluing it down is taught in our level 1 program which takes 8 - 12 hours to complete.

We try to make the classes fairly reasonable given that the student is responsible for purchasing the kit along with bringing or pre-pay for a model. The classes are held at the boutique in Canada.

The level 3 program includes teaching both techniques and takes approximately 36 hours. This is usually in three days. The first day is focusing on theory, understanding the dos and don'ts, understanding the various adhesives and its strengths as well as the different skin types and hair strengths that you may encounter. Then there is a bit of trial and error to understand the basics of applying a lace wig.

The second day is simply practical of applying a lace wig on two different types of models with two different hair types or conditions. This is more intense so that you can make all the mistakes and learn from it, thus leading to perfecting the little things to achieve optimal results.

The second day will also go into theory and some practical of the second technique if you are ready that is. The third day will be just practical on applying and removing the unit with both techniques. We find that this is one of the most intense days for most people because you will be standing up for most if not the entire day.

Interested in taking one of our training courses? Contact us for pricing and availabilities.
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